Pagani Zonda C9 Prototype Spy Video

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Murcielago vs Ford GT vs Supercharged Viper

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Top 10 Fastest Car - Mercedes SL65 AMG by Lorinser

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One of the top ten fastest modified cars in the world is a Mercedes SL65 AMG tuned by Lorinser. At Nardo, Italy, the SL65 hit a top speed of 325 km/h. Lorinser will built only 50 units of it, so if you want to own one, you better hurry up.

The SL65 AMG is powered by a V12 biturbo-engine with a maximum output of 660 hp and maximum torque of 1013 Nm.

Lorinser gave the car a typical racing look to its car. It features: widened fenders and gaping air intakes on the flanks, acoustic exhaust system and integrated double pipes.

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2010 Jaguar XJ

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An updated version of the current model, the 2010 XJ’s wheelbase will remain virtually identical, so improvements in space will come from mounting the rear seats lower. Major updates will be made to the dashboard, with a facia modelled on the XF’s.

Under the hood there will be a revised version of the 3.0-litre V6 and th top model, R, will be powered by a 500bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8. Hybrid version is also in the work. All engines are mated to Jaguar’s latest six-speed automatic box, complete with steering wheel-mounted paddles. The XJ will also have a new damping system similar to Audi’s Magnetic Ride.

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2010 Ferrari SUV

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Maserati Kubang Concept
In the past there were rumors saying that Maserati will build an SUV based on the Kubang concept unveiled at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. If built the SUV was supposed to share the same platform with the future Alfa Romeo SUV. We suppose that a future Ferrari SUV will share the same platform with the production version of the Maserati Kubang.

The 2010 Ferrari SUV will be placed (regarding its dimensions) between the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and BMW X5, so this means it will have a length of approx 4.6 meters and will weight around 5000 lbs due to the use of high tech materials.

Under the bonnet of the 2010 Ferrari SUV there will be the same V12 engine used in the 599 GTB that develops 611 hp, but due to the bigger weight of the SVU, it is expected the maximum power to be somewhere arround 600 hp. It will hit a top speed of 186 mph and will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 5 seconds.

Source: Internal

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2008 Vector Avtech WX8

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Vector will unveil at Los Angeles Auto Show an ultra-super-exotic vehicle named WX-8 Hyper-Tech Performance Vehicle.
The Vector Avtech WX8 is powered by a transverse, supercharged, all aluminum, 7.0 Liter (427 cubic inch), port fuel injected, 16 valve high-performance V8 engine, with dual air to air intercoolers and twin sequential flow, side mounted radiators. The Supercharged engine has horsepower potential to 1200+hp. The normally aspirated version, is in the range of 600 to 700 hp. Vector claims the car can reach a top speed of 260-270 mph and makes the 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.

The all new aerodynamic high down-force WX3 body incorporates both hard edge and soft design features including: huge integrated inlet and exhaust ducts for heat exchangers, an extended tail with a high mounted, low drag symmetrical inverted high down-force airfoil wing spoiler that enhances high speed stability with aeroflaps.

The 2008 Vector A-WX8 is scheduled at a very limited number of units per year, with an anticipated sales, price to be determined by the Company and its dealer network.

Source: TopSpeed: Internal

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Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Official Shots

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Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR: the lowdown
As if the regular Dodge Viper, sorry, SRT10, wasn't hard enough, the Street and Racing Technology division at the Chrysler group's Detroit HQ have dreamed up a hardcore street-legal racing version. It's not for the faint-hearted, as you can tell from the angry body addenda and huge spoilers mounted on the already monstrous coupe.

The ACR bit of the name denotes it's an American Club Racer spec car - it's the first use of the badge on a Viper since 1999. So the huge 8.4-litre V10 has had work to its induction system to liberate a heady 600bhp and 560lb ft of twist. And Dodge claims to have stripped out some of the Viper's weight, to boost performance even further.

Delve into the spec and you'll notice some surprising figures. The ACR weighs in at a sturdy 1533kg - a scant 18kg lighter than standard. Hardly seems worth the bother of adding the costly carbonfibre rear wing and front splitter that keep the thing glued to the tarmac.

All is not lost, however. If you tick the necessary boxes, you can do without the stereo, boot carpets and noise insulation, saving a further 18kg. I have another idea: why not go on a diet yourself, it could potentially make a bigger difference.

But let's not quibble about the weight figures. The SRT10 ACR is monstrously fast, and is likely to be an even more hardcore drive, thanks to its grippy Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres, uprated Brembo brakes and fully adjustable dampers and a stiffer front anti-roll bar.

The ACR will play centre stage at next week's Los Angeles Motor Show, but it'll sadly not be sold in the UK. Only Stateside buyers will have that pleasure, at the anticipated cost of $100,000.

Tim Pollard

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2008 Murcielago Much Lighter

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Lamborghini will unveil a new monstrous, lightweight, rear-drive rocketship supercar late next year. Powered by a V12 engine the new monster will have even more power than the 650 hp Reventon.

The new model will be dubbed "SV", the new two-wheel drive Murcielago will be 100kg lighter than the LP640. It will loose the front differential and driveshafts saving more than 40kg.

The latter will become carbonfibre central; the inner door skins, the seat shells and the centre tunnel are all expected to be made from the stuff. The Murcielago SV will receive all-new forged and machined alloy rims, which will save at least 6kg per corner themselves

It will be powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine that will develop around 680bhp and 516 lbs-ft peak of torque. It will come as standard with the E-Gear transmission.

Source: TopSpeed

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Mercedes C-Class Sports Coupe (Spy Shots)

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The 2009 C-class Sports Coupe will unveiled next year at the Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale towards the end of spring 2008. It will compete with models like the next Audi A5 Coupe, Volkswagen Scirocco and BMW 3-Series Coupe.

The 2009 C-class Sports Coupe features an all-new front end to support the latest engines and dashboard, but from the A-pillar back it’s the old car. The Sport spec brings AMG wheels and bodykit, plus a striking grille-mounted three-point star.

Under the hood, the engines will range from supercharged 1.8-litre (180 Kompressor) up to a 3.5-litre V6, while the diesel line-up will start with a 2.2-litre (200 CDI) and rise to a 3.0-litre V6 (320 CDI).

Source: TopSpeed

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo "Cannabis" Edition

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Using Rinspeed components, the Russian tuner GTR-Auto decided to modify the Porsche Cayenne Turbo in a “greener way”. GTR-Auto did quite a good job transforming the ordinary Cayenne Turbo in an special car. At the exterior the Porsche received a stylish sport pack with 4 exhaust pipes and some 20″ wheels while at the interior everything is so colorfull. The Russian tuner made a risky job by inserting colorfull pannels at the interior but at the end everything looks perfect next to the sport seats that have inserted the cannabis emblem.

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Lamborghini Gallardo vs. Ferrari F430 Spider

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For those who doubt about strongest between Gallardo and Ferrari Spider, Jeremy Clarkson had put the two supercars face to face: the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari F430 Spider. The winner? Start your bets!

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Engine Sound of Porsche 911 at 300 km/h

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Pagani Zonda HQ Wallpapers

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EDO Ferrari 599 GTB

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Edo Competition released their latest project: the Ferrari 599 GTB. Powered by a V12 engine with a maximum output of 620 hp, the 599 Edo can now reach a top speed of 205 mph and make the 0 to 60 mph sprint i 3.7 seconds.

Engine: V12
Power: 620 hp (456 kW) at 7600 rpm
Max. Torque: 608 Nm (448 ft-lb) at 5600 rpm

Top speed > 330 km/h (> 205 mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) est.3.7 s

Features as opposed to the production car:

Engine available in 2 output levels:
Level 1 – F599 GTB
Recalibrated ECU, modified intake system, performance exhaust system and high-flow
catalytic converters
Realized output: est. 650 hp.
Level 2 – 630 GTB 6.3 ltr. FXX – engine conversion
Realized output: est. 750 hp.
20“ racing wheels
Front: 9.0x20, offset 27 with Pirelli tires 245/35R20
Rear: 11.0x20, offset 42 with Pirelli tires 305/35R20, painted wheel face and stainless steel outer rim. Upon request the wheels can be painted in custom colors.

edo/KW sport suspension
Racing suspension technology for the road with adjustable compression and rebound damping. Independently adjustable compression and rebound damping permits truly individual suspension setups. The unique system, with its three different adjustments, allows for low-speed compression damping characteristics to be altered while the highspeed settings, having a strong influence on ride-quality, remain constant.

Sport spring set Color red, lowering rear: 40 mm, front: 20 mm

edo performance exhaust system
Newly developed high-flow exhaust system with electronic butterfly valve control (remote control to adjust the sound intensity available upon request).

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