Top Gear on Isle of Man

Sunday, September 30, 2007 | Labels: | |

With no speed limits and no rules, Jeremy Clarksson and ’The Stig’ among others, made some tests to decide which car is the best.

Competitors were:
Murcielago LP640
997 GT3
Audi R8
Ariel Atom
Ferrari 599GTB
Caparo T1
Megane R26
Jaguar XKR
Ford GT (Clarkssons previously owned)
Aston Vantage
And the winner is: Audi R8. Reason? Jeremy explains why:

"To own a car means far more than how much mechanical grip you’ve got when you screw up in the wet. Audi R8 is the best car because it makes you stand out from the crowd WITHOUT making you look like a pornstar with complex. What you all forget is that you have to be able to park outside the diner and then enter the car without soiling the interior with ketchup! R8 is fast, as fast as most of the cars, and faster than some of them, but it is still useful. Important when you spend half of your time in traffic jam. The roads on Isle of Man is a playground for cars like this, but a part from a few weeks of the TT-races, it isn’t a race track. If you are obsessed of putting down low track times, you’re better of with a cheap diesel plus a formula car for the track to play with.. When it comes to living here and it pours down and are only one good restaurant on the island which you have to drive to, then you need a REAL car. I also happens to know that The Stig wants an R8 - thats as good as any recommendation for me.. "

Source:RS6 Forum